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Ten Wound Care Products to Try


  1. Skin (Wound) Cleanser 16oz Spray: it is used for effective removal of foreign debris and dead tissue from wounds. It has an excellent cleansing action.


  1. HydroGel Wound Dressing: it Maintains moist wound healing environment. It used for dressing and management of stasis ulcers, pressure ulcers (stages I-IV), 1st and 2nd degree burns, cuts, abrasions, skin irritations, post-operative incisions and skin conditions associated with peristomal care. II temporarily protects and helps relieve minor skin irritation and itching of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.



  1. WCS Wound Care Shoe System: The DARCO WCS Wound Care Shoe System is the product of choice when dealing with Wagner Grade 3 or greater ulcerations. The four multi-density insoles can be modified effectively removing pressure from the plantar aspect of the foot. Four Multi-Density Insoles allow for the ultimate in customization and precisely targeted off-loading. Ultra-soft Plastazote Lining provides a virtually friction-free contact surface that won’t exacerbate existing wounds.


  1. Post-Op Sponges Sterile: All cotton sponges containing an inner sheet of cellulose and additional cotton fill for superior absorption and wound care performance.


  1. Wound Clousure Strip Sterile: It is manufactured of flexible non-woven material. It has skin friendly adhesive to minimize skin shearing or blistering. It provides secure closure and allows maximum porosity and vapor transmission for rapid healing.


  1. Spenco 2nd Skin Burn Pad: Made from high-water content sterile hydrogel 95% de-ionized pure water. It does not stick to the wound and helps prevent scarring. It is soothing cooling and moisturizing. It is non-irritant and odorless. It provides instant relief, protects and cushions.


  1. Unna Paste Bandage: It contains calamine. It is used for treatment of venous stasis leg ulcers thrombophlebitis lymphatic edema sprains strains and dislocations. It has soothing zinc oxide paste formula with individually foil wrapped bandages. Its unique knit construction allows for more uniform distribution of paste. Bandage will not fray into wound site.


  1. Kerlix Super Sponges: it has prewashed fluff dried woven gauze with crinkle weave pattern and diamond fold construction. It offers superior loft bulk and high absorbency with primary dressing designed to transfer exudate away from wound into secondary dressing.



  1. Surgical Tape Silk Cloth: Water repellent silk-like tape provides an aggressive adhesion for securing medium to heavy dressings. Hypo-allergenic water-based adhesive comfortably secures wound dressing yet is permeable so that the skin can breathe.


  1. Vital-Roll Conforming Gauze Sterile: Highly absorbent gauze roll is non-linting and ravel free to keep the wound site clean. Sterile bandages are packed in peel-open poly pouches for aseptic handling while Pouched bandages are packed in convenient sturdy dispenser boxes.

Visit: https://lpmsi.net/search?page=4&q=wound+care to see more products and samples.

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