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Ten benefits of an Abdominal Binder

Ever wondered why doctors recommend the use of abdominal binder after surgical operations? Here are some out of many reasons you need to know:

  1. An abdominal binder can be used to support the muscles.
  2. It keeps bandages in place.
  3. It helps with the healing of incisions after abdominal or pelvic surgery.
  4. It may be used to maintain abdominal pressure, improve respiratory function and support the abdomen of people with spinal cord injury.
  5. It decreases psychological distress.
  6. It decreases post-operative pain.
  7. It promotes deep breathing.
  8. It decreases swelling.
  9. It eases physical activities.
  10. It strengthens abdominal muscles

When used correctly, an abdominal binder leaves you with so many benefits for which it is made. When an abdominal binder is prescribed by your doctor, it is important to follow his/her instructions on how to wear the binder. It is however necessary to sometimes get an abdominal binder ahead of time if you are anticipating being operated upon and know you will be needing one. There are several other uses of an abdominal binder; aside surgical purposes, it could be used to support weak muscles in the aged, during and after pregnancy and so on.

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