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 What is the purpose of compression arm sleeves exactly? What are compression arm sleeves used for? How do they work exactly and what is the purpose of compression arm sleeves?

Just like other compression garments, arm sleeves enhance blood circulation over the area they cover. The main use of compression arm sleeves is to promote blood flow in the arm with the aid of carefully designed, scientifically woven materials that put pressure and push together the area they cover. This way the veins get tighter and the blood flows quicker.

If you have some pain, make sure you buy compression sleeves that cover the problem area.

The following are the common uses of compression arm sleeves.

Improve blood circulation: Compression garments are worn most for their ability to enhance blood circulation. They put pressure on the skin and compress the veins to achieve more fluent blood flow. This helps your muscles work more efficiently and longer.

Recovery: The quicker and more oxygen the muscles get the sooner they recover between workouts. Also the more nutrients the muscles get, the quicker they are able to perform at peak capacity again.

Protection against impact: Compression arm sleeves serve as a mini protective layer against any impact. They protect you when you go up against another player in the paint or you tackle a running back on the field.

The best compression arm sleeves are made of durable materials. They serve as an added layer of protection against any abrasions the outside world might have on your skin. Small debris, or your opponent accidentally scratching your skin won’t be an issue anymore. Thanks to the carefully designed breathable materials, this will never pose an issue again.

Skin protection: The best compression arm sleeves come with UV protection. This is great for pickup games, streetball or workouts in outdoor gyms. Some arm sleeves block out 98.8% of harmful UV rays.

Temperature regulation: The added layer warms you up. Thanks to the breathability of the material it helps your skin breathe. As the sweat evaporates your skin can cool down.

The improved blood circulation gets oxygen and nutrients to the muscles quicker, which also results in better muscle movement.

Wearing Sleeves During the Night

The short answer is: you can. Although don’t wear them both during the day and night. You need to give your veins and muscles some time to rest. The best use for compression arm sleeves during the night is recovery. After a demanding workout sleep in your arm sleeves and wake up like a new person!

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