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Bed wedge your answer to a good night sleep

Sleeping Aids

To ease yourself into a regular sleeping pattern, notice  what your body tells you throughout the day. Chances are it needs some time for movement, and time for calm, Including moderate exercise and meditation into a routine are proven to promote sleep quality at night.

Artificial light plays tricks on your internal body clock because it makes the brain think it’s really day. An hour before bedtime dim the lights and make effort to avoid the blue light from mobile devices. Low light and darkness make it that much easier to relax.

 Associating your bedroom as a sanctuary promotes rest and sleep, Never use it for work or study if you don’t have to. 

With your sleep hygiene taken care of, is there anything happening in your body that is interfering with the process of falling asleep? Chronic pain to minor colds are disruptive to sleep, their symptoms worse at night time when all the distractions of the day have fallen away,  It sounds too simple, however, propping your body up in bed can help overcome a range of sleeping issues.

 By using a bed wedge your neck, shoulders, chest and upper back remain elevated throughout the night so your body take advantage of the effects of gravity.

 Bed wedges are large, triangular, therapeutic foam pillows that reduce discomfort.  

Bad Backs? stock two bed wedges; one has a medium incline, the other a high incline, that can help you achieve the perfect night's sleep, Bed wedge eases pressure on muscle groups and promotes airflow to your lungs.

Propping your back on a bed wedge is beneficial for overcoming a range of sleep disrupting conditions. 

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