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ValguLoc II Universal Brace Universal Size / Left or Right


ValguLoc II relieves the metatarsophalangeal joint and can help achieve a pain-free movement of the big toe if used in the early stages of hallux valgus (bunion) * A long-term progression of the misalignment can be prevented * A multi-dimensional joint holds the toe at a predetermined angle at which extension and flexion are prevented or can be permitted gradually * Holds the big toe at the correct angle for effective treatment * Flexion and extension can be adjusted gradually depending on treatment requirements using the multi-dimensional joint * The toe can therefore first be splinted and rested in the post-operative period and then gradually allowed greater freedom of movement without this leading to another misalignment * The flat construction of the stabilizing orthosis relieves the metatarsophalangeal joint * Fits snugly on the foot giving secure support and guidance either during the night or in comfortable shoes during the day *

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