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SelectAir Low Air Loss Mattress System Standard


The SelectAir© Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System is quiet portable lightweight cost-effective and very reliable * If individuals require microclimate control then SelectAir Low Air Loss Systems are the solution * Helps manage microclimate of the skin and improve moisture dissipation * Firm Mattress Mode helps facilitate nursing care during dressing changes and repositioning of the individual * Upright Mode gives added support when the head of the bed is elevated * Foot pillow helps cushion the foot * The zippered cover is fluid-resistant and vapor permeable * Specifications: *Medicare code: E0277 Group 2 Support Surfaces * Construction: Individual baffles divided into 3 sections: head seat and foot. Integrated side air bolsters with foot pillow * Includes: SelectAir pump mattress with foot pillow zippered cover with foot pillow and 1 foam pad * Weight: 19 lbs / 8.5 kg * Weight Limit: 400 lbs / 181.6 kg * Warranty: Mattress: 5 Year Limited Warranty; Cover: 6 Month Limited Warranty

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