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Good 'n Bed Adjustable Wedge


* Developed by a respected former Clinical Director of Physical Medicine Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles specializing in neck and back care and posture. * Recommended by healthcare professionals for over 30 years. * Our versatile wedge cradles and supports the body while sitting upright or sleeping simply by turning the wedge around. * Two removable sections adjust the wedge height to 8 12 or 16 for comfortable elevation of the upper body. * Mulit-contoured concave surface prevents sliding and distributes the body weight reducing pressure and increasing msucle relaxation. * Helpful for painful shoulders respiratory conditions post surgery osteoporosis painful neck swallowing difficulties or comfortable bed rest. * Listed on the CertiPUR.US© website. * Always Made in the USA. FEATURES * 16 D tapering to 7 D x 24 W x 21 H * Washable cotton blend cover.

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